It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”.

                     These words, spoken by Winston Churchill about Russia in                                                       1939, apply just as appropriately today to the events of 9/11.                    

This “report” is not to tell you what happened on 9/11.  Rather, it is a report to tell you what did not happen that day. It’s only a partial report, a very beginning at best, just enough we hope, to interest you in pursuing the matter further.

Only by realizing what did not happen can one begin to comprehend what must have happened and that comprehension of course leads to the “who, what, why and how” of 9/11. There are no “secret whistle blower tips” here, just a new way of presenting existing public information in a faster, more readable fashion. (Be realistic, what average American is going to take the time to look up page 394, paragraph 3, of some obscure book that his library doesn’t carry, and that he’s not going to spend $24.95 on for the volume itself?)

You do have to understand right at the very beginning, there is a whole “world” of banking, business, society, military, governments and globalists that is far, far, above everyday citizens lives. These are the people who jet around the world meeting with others of their kind, including government leaders and advisors, and these are the people who can move billions of dollars (and politicians) with just a simple phone call. We believe the answers to 9/11 are to be found in this “world”.

But weren’t we told a group of Saudi muslim youths under the guidance of a spiteful old man living in a cave in Afghanistan brought about the events of 9/11? The multi year planning,  the coordination,  the “stand down” of U.S. military and air defenses,  the removal of evidence,  the financing,  the creation of a fraudulent report, etc., etc., etc. Really? If you truly believe what the government has said about 9/11, you should take some time to study how you have been duped, brought into two mid-eastern wars, had new restrictions placed upon your freedoms and taxed to pay for it all, including the enormous profits, for some, engendered by most wars.  Read the many simple facts provided in the next three  sections of the report.

All that we have studied so far seems to indicate this powerful globalist elite world had encountered a number of problems that somehow coalesced into the planning and implementation of 9/11. These problems included furthering of their “New World Order” ambitions.

Specifically included in these problems were the following (in somewhat random order):

As a possible primary precursor, hundreds of billions of dollars of financial bond liabilities coming due on 9/12/2001 which the “elites” were not going to be able to satisfy, and which “paper” was all held in the WTC complex in NYC. Destruction of the towers meant destruction of the evidence, and consequently the liabilities, through a special SEC settlement procedure.

“Unaccounted for” 2.3 Trillion dollars in Defense Dept funding, all of which documentation had conveniently been brought together into one specific set of offices in the Pentagon. Destruction of those very same specific offices again meant destruction of the evidence.

Billions of dollars of gold bullion held in the basement vaults of Building 4 in the WTC and which was a major factor in the various frauds mentioned.

Major domestic and international fraud investigations, the “paper” for which, was held in NYC, both in the towers and in Building 7. Once again, destruction of the towers and Building 7 meant destruction of the evidence.

These fraud investigations, which went back for more than a decade, may well have involved a conspiracy to collapse the economy of the Soviet Union, and the massive profits to be made in cooperation with certain elements taking control of Soviet oil and gas wealth in the process.  (Globalists do think globally.)

Potential loss of billions of dollars to be brought about by Saddam Hussein’s stated decision to no longer require payment for Iraqi oil in U.S. dollars as had been the world wide standard for oil sales since WW11.  Once one country started this policy, others were sure to follow.

Possible bankruptcy of a multi=billion dollar Enron power plant in Dubhol, India if they were not able to convince Afghanistan to allow an oil pipeline to be built from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to the new plant in India. They had not been able to do so, either by promises or by threats.

You can see why a group of very powerful elites with an endless sense of self-entitlement, but totally lacking in conscience, may well have implemented the events of 9/11. They had successfully gotten away with various unethical and extraordinarily illegal schemes throughout the world for many years, and why not one more? Lives were of absolutely no consequence.

The decades old “New World Order” efforts of the globalist elites undoubtedly was woven throughout the entire event, especially as related to the freedoms and independence of the American people.  Look at some of the restrictions and controls resulting from the events of that “attack”

 At some point the suggestion for a false flag operation, which had been brewing for many years, came about and the scheme was begun.

Other suggestions for you to follow might include such topics as Mitre Corp, P-Tech Corp, Brady Bonds, SilverStream software, off the record CIA “black ops”, apparent access to domestic FAA computer systems, Iraqi oil fields, explosives residue throughout the NYC rubble and seemingly endless other subjects. It’s like having a package of your very favorite snacks, it’s hard to stop after just one or two! We are sorry, but we just can’t get into all of these topics and the planned,wilful, destruction of the towers at present. But believe us, it was preplanned and implemented, not by 19 muslim hijackers however.  Which is why a well funded, independent, investigation is essential.

Did the 19 Saudi muslim “hijackers” actually play any role at all in the events of 9/11? They obviously were not even remotely competent to plan and implement a vast “attack” of this magnitude. Were they just presented as “patsies” or “window dressing” so as to place the blame on Bin Laden and his presence in Afghanistan? Only an independent investigation will tell for sure.

None of this addresses the question of just who had the expertise, experience, skill in clandestine operations and connections within the U.S. government to bring this all about if it was not muslim hijackers.  U.S. elements could have effected this, but the likelihood of exposure would have been too great.

Lurking in the background are persistent rumors of the involvement of Israel in the day-to-day implementation of the plot, (and perhaps in the planning as well, for State reasons). Israel has been provoked by her mid-east neighbors since inception of the state itself and has demonstrated the skills required, the facilities, the connections with the U.S. government and a long history of decisively dealing with islamic problems, including with massive building demolitions.  Israeli agents were quietly reported in multiple situations in NYC on and about 9/11.  (Of course we don’t want to leave out the possible involvement of a certain U.S. based corporation with vast experience in building demolitions.  No, we’re not referring to CDI)

Specifics about Israel’s known capabilities, including ownership and control of certain U.S. based commercial 757 and 767 aircraft, aircraft service, maintenance and repair  facilities, for 757 and 767 aircraft, airport passenger screening facilities, access to federal computer systems , personnel, etc., all necessary to an attack of this magnitude, will have to await an investigation.  An independent investigation.

If we were to place a bet, we would look for Saudi financing, Saudi, Israeli and U.S. planning, implementation and of course, U.S. overall coordination of the event. (We can’t help but question if Britain and it’s interest in Iraqi oil fields entered into the events as well.)  Sound preposterous or impossible? Go over not just the days events, but the incredible planning, implementation and costs involved. It was not a quick, amateur happening and it definitely was not Bin Laden and twelve suicidal muslim murderers.  What was it then?                                                                                                                                                           Read our “Sherlock Holmes” quotation, a few paragraphs below.

Our awakening began some five years after the “attack” of 9/11 with the viewing of a video of the destruction of Building 7 in the World Trade Center. It was immediately evident that we were viewing a “controlled demolition” of the building. We watched the video again, and watched a number of other videos of the event to confirm our understanding. It was unequivocal. Building 7 was preplanned and deliberately destroyed on 9/11. But why? How? And by whom? And if we were obviously lied to about the intentional destruction of a 47 story building in the heart of NYC, is there any reason to give credibility to anything else said by the government regarding 9/11?

We are not going to take the time to dwell on Building 7 however, there have been numerous excellent books, videos and articles on the subject. The government claimed essentially that minor, controllable fires and a single connection failure at column #79 caused a chain reaction, and simultaneous failure of all 82 core and perimeter columns and thus the collapse of the entire building in a “free fall” event. The government hypothesis is so ludicrous you would have to be in total denial of the actual evidence to give it even the slightest credibility.  Perhaps that is why the Official 9/11 Report “forgot” to do an analysis of the fall of Building 7.  Nor are we going to write about WTC’s 1 & 2.  That would require far, far too much organization, investigation and documentation, on our part, to delve into, at this time, in this very limited report.

This brief report instead concentrates on Flight 77 that supposedly was flown in a convoluted course into the Pentagon by an incompetent, failed student pilot, with all of it’s passengers and crew on board. It’s very brief and in a “non-book” form so as to make it quick and easy to read, digest and understand.

Read what the government said about the event and read what the simple facts are. It is impossible to read this section and not disbelieve the tale you have been told by our government.

As “Sherlock Holmes” once said:                                                                                                  “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains,no matter                               how improbable, must be the truth.”   As is the case with 9/11.

We can’t pretend to know exactly how and in what sequence the events of the 9/11 “false flag”  originated. It seems likely that some sort of “synergy” developed among the globalists, elitists, fraudsters, etc.. In everyday terms, “Are you really going to create a “false flag” attack that will bring down the World Trade towers in N.Y.C?  Well, we’re having a major problem with a missing 2.3 Trillion dollars in the Defense Department, and some confidants are having  major problems with the SEC and IRS in N.Y.C. Perhaps we could roll all of these things together into one massive “attack” blamed on Bin Laden that will help us all.” Possible?  Nor are we going to discuss the Patriot Act, all 132 pages, which were supposedly conceived, researched, written, reviewed, produced and presented to Congress, in all the turmoil, in only six weeks.  Most analysts insist that such an involved bill had to have been started well before 9/11.  How could a response to 9/11 have been written in advance of 9/11?  A response that was actually more of a freedom restricting power grab than anything concerning national security. Think about it.  And think of all the ways your freedoms are slowly being eroded, year by year.  Ask yourself if our national security is better today than it was prior to 9/11 and the Patriot Act.

Remember, for years the globalists had wanted to “bring down” the U.S. from it’s lofty position in the world, especially our economy and the freedoms, independence and security of our citizens.  Did the “attack” help in promoting their goal?


Unknown to most casual observers, the two World Trade towers, once lauded for their beauty and creative construction had, by the late 1990’s, become a massive liability. Constructed during the 1970’s, the towers were legally fireproofed with massive amounts of asbestos throughout every floor of the two buildings. In the next two decades, asbestos had become recognized as a carcinogen, and a movement to re-mediate the towers had begun. As the projected cost of this project began to run into the very high hundreds of millions of dollars, it was suggested it might be more practical to simply tear the buildings down, also at an estimated cost of up to a billion dollars.

Let’s try one hypothesis of many:

Could a meticulously planned “attack” remove the towers and asbestos problems at no cost to the owners, while at the same time having N.Y.C., N.Y.S. and the federal government pay for the clean-up, the insurance carriers pay for construction of a replacement, the bond fraud evidence is all destroyed and all of this would thus become the basis for invasive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and ultimate construction of their pipeline. (see “our consensus” below). Ingenious!. The collapse of Building 7 could be blamed on collateral damage resulting from the “attack” on WTC 1&2, and those bothersome SEC and IRS problems “go away”.  The Pentagon was supposedly attacked “because of U.S. military actions throughout the world”.  And if you control the investigation and writing of the official report on the collapse, the obviously controlled demolition of Bldg. 7 could be glossed over. As it was. We think the elite were not really cognizant in the years leading up to 2001 of the power of the maturing internet and the exposing of actual facts thereon. Twenty five years earlier and the plot no doubt would have succeeded with no questions asked.

The Pentagon? Read our “The Pentagon Incident” that follows.

Flight 93 , Shanksville, Pa. There has been little fact based speculation about this crash of Flight 93 other than it may have been intended to crash into the White House or the Capitol Bldg. That really sounds like a “bit much”, even for the globalists. Perhaps it was shot down.  Perhaps it wasn’t even a 757? (see our notes under “Please Explain”).  Perhaps it was to provide a “hero” outlet for growing tensions. Everyone needs a good hero in times of adversity. We will probably never know the answer.

So what is called for? The citizens of this country, and of the world, deserve the truth. The only way to accomplish this is by means of a well funded non-governmental investigation, one with subpoena powers.

One that is free from the inevitable, intense pressures that will be brought by political friends and allies of those persons, retired and comfortable with life, who should be tried for multiple crimes, including premeditated first degree murder, treason, financial fraud, war crimes and perhaps even crimes against humanity. Considering all they have done, and that they face spending the rest of their lives in prison, or even worse, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, they will not do to protect themselves from justice.

For those who might say, “it’s been 14 years, let it go” we can only say would you have such a cavalier attitude if it was your spouse, your child or your parent who suffered and died such a horrible death that day for the financial and power gratification of an elite few? We think not.  And, if they totally “get away” with the events of 9/11, what may come next?  Perhaps you, or someone you love, will be a victim the next time.  Elites, terrorists, and other bullies don’t just stop after one success, they are emboldened  to push further by each success.  Think about it.

Before you say that no one would intentionally do such a thing as 9/11 and the still ongoing Afghanistan and Mid East wars just for power and greed, think back into history. You only have to go back 75 years and recall some of the horrors of WWII, done for power, and more currently think of the barbarism being shown in the mid-east today.  Today it’s supposedly done for a “religion”; hacking people’s heads off, and perhaps even worse, putting a prisoner in a cage and slowly burning him alive.  What kind of sick, psychotic people could do such things under any pretext?  Do you doubt others might “simply” kill, especially from afar, for greed and power? You can go back a thousand years in multiple cultures, it’s always the same.

So, what is our conclusion? All that we have read, viewed and discussed so far indicates that among of the original precursors to 9/11 was an elite, globalist group, working with members of the U.S. government, trying to resolve major multi billion dollar financial problems in the U.S., certain mid-east problems, desiring to exploit the development rights to the production and transportation of oil and gas from Turkmenistan and the Central Asian oil region and furtherance of their New World Order. (The success and dominance of the United States has always the major impediment to their NWO plans.) They tried to negotiate a deal with the Afghani government and the Taliban, starting in 2000 and through 2001, to build a pipeline through Afghanistan and Pakistan to a new multi-billion dollar Enron power plant at Dobhol, India, and to a Pakistani port on the Arabian Sea.  Failure to obtain this supply of oil and gas would likely lead to bankruptcy of the Enron power plant (which did ultimately happen). The pipeline would also allow for sale of oil on the world market, a deal that could potentially earn them more billions of dollars. Reportedly, Unocal as well as Enron, were both heavily involved. Unfortunately for them, Afghanistan and the Taliban would not yield on allowing a pipeline to be built through their country. Refused to yield, even when threatened, basically, that they could have their choice of “a carpet of gold, or a carpet of bombs”.  They ultimately did get that “carpet of bombs” didn’t they?  And a whole lot more as well.

The elite power structure desperately wanted an excuse to attack Afghanistan and apparently came up with the “false flag” plot to be blamed on Osama bin Laden, who was living in Afghanistan. Then came the “attacks” of 9/11, which the government immediately blamed on Bin Laden. A report, still classified, by a Frank Taylor from the State Department to the U.N., laid out the reasoning for an attack on Afghanistan after the “attacks” on the U.S.. Could we ever hope to see that report?

Question: Will we ever find out what Vice President Dick Cheney, (formerly CEO of the Halliburton oil services company), and Enron CEO Ken Lay were discussing in the White House in early 2001, the minutes of which meetings were shredded and “Executive Privilege” was (unconstitutionally?) declared on everything else. Did it concern Enron’s dire financial problems, the pipeline, the India power plant and a possible “false flag”?  Just wondering.

Note: For those of you unfamiliar with past “false flag” operations we suggest you google the term and also look up Operation Northwoods, the Reichstag Fire, Operation Gladio, Operation Mongoose, Gulf of Tonkin, etc., all (but the Reichstag) involving the U.S. government working with the globalist elite power structure, ultimately to the detriment of the U.S..

Also, think of the Vietnam War.  President Lyndon Johnson blamed an “attack” on our fleet by Vietnamese high speed patrol boats as the reason the U.S. “retaliated” by bombing North Vietnam and the resulting escalation of the war.  The supposed attack on our fleet was admitted by Lyndon Johnson years later to have been a total fraud, completely “made up”.  If our leaders could perpetrate a “false flag” that ultimately cost 58,000 American lives, do you think a “mere” 3,000 lives would matter to another group of elitists?     Not in the least.

Building 7 and the Pentagon seem to have been added to the day’s events so as to take advantage of the developing opportunity to “clean up” certain “inconvenient problems” with pending investigations.

Read more in the attached reports.

Responsibilities must seem to include those at the very, very highest levels of the U.S. power structure and administration in 2001, and before. There is simply no other conclusion to be reached. Financing and implementation apparently included several “friendly” foreign nations. Facts about this psychotic, greed driven plot are all out there waiting to be uncovered if anyone is willing to do it.

This country desperately needs answers to the questions and responsibilities of 9/11 if we are to avoid another such event, and another such event is just a matter of time considering the importation by the “new world order” elitists of hundreds of thousands of radical refugees into Europe and now the U.S.. Those answers will only come about as a result of an actual, thorough, well funded, independent investigation.

The governments farcical “Official 9/11 Report” certainly reaffirms that need !

Let us repeat what we said above:

For those who might say, “it’s been 14 years, let it go” we can only say would you have such a cavalier attitude if it was your spouse, your child or your parent who suffered such a horrible death that day for the financial and power gratification of an elite few? We think not.

Don’t just glance through this report, think about it,  analyze it,  critique it,  challenge us. Point out any factual errors.  Use it as a “jumping off” point, just a beginning in your understanding of the military/industrial complex of which President Eisenhower warned.  Today of course you must add the government, elites and globalists to the equation.

Important Footnote:

Could there be errors in the facts presented here? Yes,of course.  Would they be intentional? Absolutely not. This is a summary, much of it from memory, of numerous books read, YouTube videos reviewed and certain discussions held. We can only go by what we can sort out from the available evidence; at times we were swayed one way, at times the other.  But always, we were led to the same conclusion.

What we know for certain is that the government report is false. Absolutely, completely, totally, positively false.

The real evidence is yet to be revealed by a thorough, independent investigation. You can help bring this about by calling your Representatives in Congress and demanding that something be done. Is that too much to ask? 

Will you? It only takes a few moments.     If not you…….who?

P.S. – And if not you, please don’t ever complain about the government you have, as you will be helping “them” in their endeavors.  Do you want more of the fraud and deceit you are being fed every day, or do you want something different?  It’s up to each of us.