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Government “Facts”

Please Explain

The “attacks” of 9/11 were carried out by a group of fanatical muslims who were out to make a statement against the United States. There was no advance notice, no way of knowing this was going to happen.

Significant “Put Options” were placed on the stock of United Airlines and American Airlines just before 9/11, but no significant options were placed for any of the other airlines flying that day. The purchaser(s) never collected their 2.5 million dollar pay-off after the events of 9/11.

The government never bothered to trace the options to see who felt (knew?) the stock of these two airlines would shortly fall, which the stocks did immediately after the incidents. Why not? Shouldn’t we find out who was privy to this “terrorist act” in advance?

Please Explain.

Susan Lindauer, who worked as a CIA “asset” was told, adamantly, not to go to NYC for scheduled meetings the week of 9/10/2001.

Why would her CIA “handler” be so specific and so adamant about her not going to NYC the day before the 9/11 “attacks”? What did he know? And how and why?

Please Explain.

On the morning of 9/11 Mayor Willie Brown, of San Francisco, was advised to cancel his booked flight to NYC on 9/11 for “security reasons”. Supposedly, the advice came from Condoleezza Rice in the White House.

Was there something administration personnel in the White House knew that the rest of us weren’t privy to?  Is there some reason the thousands of workers in the World Trade Center couldn’t have received the same caution about going to work on 9/11??  Or was it not a surprise at all?  Perhaps the WTC workers weren’t “important” enough to be warned.

Please Explain.

When at the Florida elementary school George Bush said he saw the first plane hit Tower 1 on television as he entered the school that morning.

The video of the plane hitting Tower 1 was not located and shown on television until later that afternoon.

Please Explain.

Also, there was no tv set in the part of the school that President Bush was visiting according to the school’s principal.  How did he view this un-aired video on a non-existent tv set?

Please Explain.

No explosives were used in the destruction of Towers 1, 2 and Building 7.

Traces of an extremely powerful military type explosive (nano-thermite/thermate) were found throughout the residue of all three of the collapsed buildings of the WTC.

Nano-thermite/thermate is not used, nor stored in buildings or airliners. It is primarily a difficult to manufacture, very powerful, high tech military explosive. It cannot be produced by amateurs in their garages.

Please Explain.

The collapse of WTC towers 1 and 2 was brought about by fires from burning aviation fuel and office furnishings.

The temperatures of burning aviation fuel and office furnishings are not sufficiently high to melt steel to a liquid. Yet pools of molten steel were found in the rubble of the towers. Nano-thermite does generate temperatures high enough to melt steel.

Please Explain.

Deformation of support girders by about 43” initiated the collapse of towers 1 & 2 according to a government “computer simulation” of the collapse.




A proprietary government “collapse simulation” software was used to explain the collapse of the towers.

Underwriters Lab, which was contracted by the government itself to do a test using an actual, full size, reconstruction and fire of the support system used in the towers, found that the maximum deformation of the support girders would have been 3”, nowhere near sufficient to initiate a collapse. The government required a 43” deformation to support their collapse theory and thus insisted on using their 43” deformation figure even though it was demonstrated to be fraudulent.

Please Explain.

A program of such contradictions must be verified by outside programmers to be accepted with any degree of credibility. The government refuses to release the programs for independent verification. Why not?

Please Explain.

Building 7 was brought down primarily by the failure of connections at one single column (#79), causing a chain reaction and simultaneous collapse of all of the other 81 columns in the entire building and thus a “free fall” of the building. 

And that no explosives were used.

This “explanation” is almost too ludicrous to be discussed. Watching several YouTube videos of the collapse, plus even a cursory understanding of “controlled demolitions” should clarify this collapse for you.

Note: Barry Jennings and his supervisor had climbed up a fire stairs to their offices in Bldg 7 for what turned out to be a short stay. When they went to go back down the same stairway, it had been completely blown away by an explosion, one of many they heard that morning. (The NYFD used ladders to rescue them.)  Destruction of fire stairs is typically one of the procedures used when a building demolition commences.

Please Explain.

There’s no possible way anyone could have had the time and access to prepare the buildings for controlled demolitions.


Isn’t it interesting that a major renovation was taking place right in the Pentagon’s “wedge 1” (site of the “incident”) in the months preceding the incident.

And that major renovations had taken place in WT tower #1 in the months preceding the “attack”, again right in the area where the plane hit.

And that major renovations had taken place in tower #2 in the months preceding the attack, once again right in the area where the plane hit.

And that major elevator “upgrades” were taking place in both towers, complete with armed guards barring any outside access to the shafts and core of the buildings. That’s interesting isn’t it?. (Note: Elevator shafts and core structures are typically detonated and destroyed at the beginning of controlled demolitions.)

Coincidences are just so interesting.

Could homing devices and explosives have been installed along with the other “renovations” taking place?  That would account for the extraordinary accuracy of the planes hitting the specific renovation areas.

NOTE: It is highly enlightening to look at the intertwined ownership, corporate links and backgrounds of the companies and individuals that provided security, maintenance and renovations (i.e. time and access) to all of the buildings and floors involved that day.  Also the corporate positions obtained by those individuals in the months and years following.

Please explain.

No “black boxes” from the two WTC aircraft were ever recovered from the building debris.

A NYC fireman who escorted two federal agents in a search of the debris says that he personally saw three “black boxes” recovered by these agents.  Where did those “black boxes” go?

Please Explain.

An engine from United’s Flight 175 was found in the rubble after the collapse.

The engine “found in the rubble” was not the type of Pratt and Whitney engine that United Airlines used on their 767s.

Please Explain.

The aircraft that struck WTC #2 was United Airlines Flight 175

The aircraft that hit WTC #2 had a long “seam” or tube down the belly of the plane as shown in multiple Independent photographs. Commercial airliners have an aerodynamically smooth belly for reduced air resistance.

Please Explain.

The aircraft that hit WTC #2 had a distinct “pod like” device on the right side of the belly, almost resembling devices mounted on certain large military aircraft (Flight Termination and Control Modules – ?)

Please Explain..

Building 6 was not analyzed in the governments 9/11 report.

The entire core (only) of Building 6 was completely blown away, including all floors from basement roadways to the roof leaving a neatly cut gaping “pressure vent hole” within the building shell. And destroying all of the government records stored there.      Please Explain.

The Boeing 757 that crashed in Shanksville, PA. was simply flown head first into the ground by the hijackers and disappeared completely into “soft earth”. It was not shot down to prevent a crash into the White House or the Capitol.

An aircraft engine was found almost a half mile from the crash site.

A piece of an engine was found a mile away from the crash site.

Plane parts were found near Indian Lake 3 miles from the crash site.

Another aircraft piece was found near New Baltimore, Pa, 8 miles from the crash site.

Do some 757s simply shed parts and pieces as they are flying along?

Or was the plane breaking up due to aircraft cannon or missile fire as it plunged towards the crash site?  Or was there even a 757 plane crash at all?  What was happening? 

Please Explain.

No recognizable aircraft parts (wings, tail, engines, seats, etc.) were found at the crash site. Nor were any human remains, luggage or seats. There was no smell of thousands of gallons of unburned aviation fuel. Was it even a 757 crash site?

Please Explain.

Note: There is a very simple, non intrusive, test that might verify or debunk this claimed crash.

There either was, or was not, some type of “crash event” 90 miles away near Camp David, depending on which versions you hear.

Just what is it that happened 90 miles from Shanksville, near Camp David on 9/11 and how is it related to the events of 9/11? Or was it?

Please Explain.

The government released photos of all of the “hijackers” within 72 hours of the incidents

How did the government identify and gather photos of these unknown 19 individuals so quickly?  Rather too quickly?

Please explain.

All 19 “hijackers” would obviously have been killed in the 4 crashes, and yet at least 9, or more, are reported alive and well, living and working in Saudi Arabia. One of them was even reported to have died a year before 9/11.

Please Explain.

 Unexpected weakening  of the building structures due to fire led to the collapse of the buildings. No changes to the NYC fire codes were implemented to compensate for this apparent oversight in the fire codes. 

Please explain

Several Boston “hijackers”, reportedly devout muslims, were seen partying, drinking and carousing in Portland, Maine the night before the “”hijacking”.

Would “devout muslims”, about to die and meet their beloved ”allah” carry on that way in complete contrast to, and disregard of, their supposed strict religious beliefs? Or were they not planning to die the next day?

Please Explain.

The Boston “hijackers” boarded their planes in Boston, going through the normal screening and boarding procedures. A single photo of “boarding in Boston” was released.

No photographs of the any of the “hijackers” actually boarding in the Boston airport have been released. The “boarding” photo of the hijackers released by the government was apparently taken at the airport in Maine, not Boston.

Please explain.

Administration officials repeatedly said no one in the government had ever contemplated someone hijacking an airliner to use as a weapon to crash into a building.

Simply a lie, one of endless ones, told by the administration concerning 9/11.  NORAD had discussed and reviewed that actual theory in 1999 and again in subsequent years, and indeed was running a pre-planned active airliner hijacking drill on the very day of 9/11. That exercise drew many of the east coasts fighter planes to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, far from being able to respond to any incidents in the East.

Was that drill planned to confuse and disrupt military and emergency responders?

Please Explain.

The passport of “hijacker” Satam-al-Suqami was found on the street below the towers after the WTC towers were attacked.

How did a paper passport survive the destruction of the 767, the explosion, a massive ball of fire and a fall of nearly 1,000 feet to land in good condition on the street below? Or was it planted there to “prove” that the hijackers were Saudi muslims?

Please Explain.

Witnesses to the last moments of Flight 93 were not allowed to testify before the 9/11 commission.

Why not? Wouldn’t you want to interview each and every possible witness in an honest investigation?

Or was it not intended to be an “honest investigation?”

Please Explain.

A very unique set of circumstances caused the twin towers to collapse in about an hour, in spite of the fact that no other steel reinforced skyscraper anywhere in the world had ever collapsed due to fire, up to that time. Nor since.

Towers 1 and 2, built to the latest modern NYC fire standards, none-the-less collapsed “due to fire” in about one hour each

In other tower fires around the world, no steel reinforced concrete building ever, anywhere, collapsed even after becoming flaming “torches” and being totally engulfed in flames for up to 18 hours.

Please Explain.

How is it that Building 7 stood all day with only minor, controllable, fires and then supposedly “collapsed due to fire caused structural weakening of the connections at one single support column thereby causing a simultaneous failure of all 82 core and perimeter columns”. Numerous explosions were heard at the time of collapse.  Why did the building owner instruct the NYFD to “pull it”, a demolition term, just before the collapse.  The owner claimed afterwards that he was referring to the police and fire officers, not the building.  Funny, but we never refer to our police and fire officers with the term “it”.  Maybe it’s just us.

Please Explain.

28 pages of the 9/11 commission report remain redacted and under guard to this day.

The 28 pages reportedly implicate Saudi Arabia in the financing and implementation of the “attack”.
Who or what is being protected. And why?

Please Explain.

No explosives were involved in any of the events of 9/11. –

Numerous explosions were experienced and reported by eye witnesses such as police and fire personnel, emergency responders, employees, office workers and reporters, and were heard and recorded on live television broadcasts. Explosives were obviously involved. To say otherwise is simply a lie.  What? Why? How? By Whom?

Please explain.

Traces of high tech military explosives were found throughout the residue of all three NYC towers.

Please Explain.

WTC basement vaults were found empty, with the doors wide open after the buildings collapsed. An abandoned very heavy duty 10 wheel truck was found stuck in the underground roadways near the empty vaults.

Why were the vaults emptied prior to the collapse? When, why and by whom? Who acquired and profited from the missing stored gold? Where is it now? Could this help to explain why the U.S. government currently will not (or cannot) return gold bullion stored by the government in N.Y. for Germany, Texas, and others.

Please Explain

The Flight Data Recorders for the Tuesday crash of Flight 77 were found on Friday at 4:00 a.m.

The data on the Flight Data Recorders were created Thursday night, 2 days after the crash. Doesn’t that seem just a little “unusual” to you?

Please Explain.

Flight 175 Crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center at 9:03 am in NYC and was destroyed

Flight 93 crashed into the ground in Shanksville, Pa. and was destroyed.

The fully automatic ACARS flight transmitter on board Flight 175 was actively reporting westbound at 31,000 feet from near Harrisburg, Pa about 20 minutes after the supposed crash in NYC. What magic explains this?

The fully automatic ACARS flight transmitter on board Flight 93 shows a location near Champaign, Il at least 7 minutes after it’s reported crash in Shanksville, Pa. How is this possible?

Please Explain.

Note: ACARS equipment automatically transmits an aircraft’s location, speed, altitude, heading, etc, to ground stations every 60 seconds during its entire flight. It also receives and acknowledges receipt of messages from the ground stations.

Could mid-flight switches of planes, a routine maneuver, explain this anomaly?  Were switched planes controlled remotely? 757 and 767’s were capable of being controlled remotely in 2001.

There are reports that two different airliners were transmitting as Flight 93 for some time that morning.  Was this the preparation for a “switch”?

Please Explain.

Two commercial 767 airliners made “emergency” landings in Cleveland later in the morning of 9/11 due to reports of  possible bombs on board.

What were these two flights? There seem to be conflicts in the reported origins and destinations of the flights. If there was a possible bomb on board why did authorities keep the passengers sitting on board for up to two hours after landing? If you suspected a bomb on board, wouldn’t you evacuate the passengers as quickly as possible?  Where were the passengers taken and where did they eventually go? Can we see the passenger manifests for those two flights? Why was the entire airport evacuated and why was everyone required to leave the airport on foot?  No cars or buses,….. on foot!

Please Explain.

The government insists the “911 Commission Report” is a valid explanation of what happened on 9/11/2001.

Over two thousand,  repeat that…….over     two  thousand,  high-rise architects, structural engineers, fire experts, construction managers and demolition specialists, all state that the events of 9/11/2001 could not possibly have happened as the government said. These are the people who design, build, maintain and ultimately demolish skyscrapers for a living. These experts have nothing to gain by not telling the truth, as opposed to the government, which does.  Whom do you believe?

What does your own common sense tell you?

Many members of the government’s own 9/11 commission don’t believe the final report and say they believe the commission was “created to fail”.

Please Explain.

When all is said and done, remember the quote from “Sherlock Holmes” in our Preface:

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth”.

These are just a few of the questions that must be raised concerning the events of 9/11/2001. We don’t have access to classified information, nor witnesses, so there may well be errors in details. If so, we will be only too happy to have any unintentional errors brought forth and corrected in an independent investigation. Why not contact your Representatives in Congress and demand that they support an honest, well funded, independent, investigation? If enough people contact their Representatives in Congress and the press, it will happen.

Will you?  If not you…….who?

This is only the very briefest presentation relating not only to 9/11, but to the whole subject of endemic corruption in our government(s) and the massive and rapid growth of the elite globalist agenda (we hate to use those words, but facts are simply that, facts).  It’s time to wake up America !