So what is our conclusion?  And yours we hope.

 We feel we have made a very good and simple case that 9/11 was a “false flag” operation, and hope that you have read the entire report.

We also feel we have also given you some indications of why the event was planned     and pointed you in the directions of who may have planned and implemented it.

If you are not familiar with the techniques of controlled building demolitions, look up the general principles of how they are done. Look at a few videos.

Look on You Tube for “Building 7”. See if Building 7 didn’t meet all of the characteristics of a controlled demolition. And none for minor fires.

See why over 2000 architects, structural engineers, fire experts, commercial pilots and building maintenance and demolition professionals say the government explanation couldn’t possibly be true.  And if it isn’t true………….what is the truth?

Look at the facts of the Pentagon “attack” and ask yourself how this could possibly have been an attack by a few young muslim men.

If you have read this report all the way through and are still not convinced, please share your thoughts with us in the “Comments” section. We’re more than willing to learn.

Not just that you don’t agree, but why you don’t agree. If you believe you have alternate facts, by all means share them. We’re open to any new facts.  We’re simply looking for “truth and justice”.

And finally, “make some noise”. Share this with others and begin the process of getting a real investigation under way.

If not you………. who?